Blogging Accountability


We are trying this again!

After a failed attempt at blogging right after Leo was born, we are venturing into the blogging world for a final time. (deep breath)

It may seem contrary to the approach of many bloggers, but I realized that Lent was the perfect time to develop this discipline. While many people attempt to remove media outlets from their lives in the hopes of filling that time, space, energy with our Lord, I was discovering something different.

Ryan’s been gone for three weeks on another international business trip, which means he’s been gone for almost the entire month of February.  Let’s face it, February is bad enough without having to go at it alone. (My mom says “February is like a month of all Tuesdays.” Ugh, preach it!) But even during the difficulties (remodeled kitchen, snowstorms, sick kiddo), there have been some beautiful, happy moments. My son is becoming this little person right before my eyes, giggling at our crazy doggy and crying whenever mommy gets a little sad or lonely (he’s incredibly empathetic). Ryan keeps begging me to post pictures, videos, or SOMETHING while he’s gone, but I always come up with an excuse (I can’t tonight, sweetie! I’m painting the closet ceiling!) But it isn’t just Ryan.  We aren’t blessed to live close to either of our families.  If a special moment happens, I have to describe it via skype to the incredibly loving grandparents, who I know ache thinking I am experiencing these things alone.

So this blog is for them. For all of them (you) who wish to see updates on our lives.  But it’s for me, too. During those moments of sadness, loneliness, indescribable joy, irritation, or exhaustion (a common emotion around here), I need to share these feelings with someone. Even if it’s just cyberspace, it helps just to get it out.  Plus–as many of you know–Ryan and I poured a LOT of blood, sweat, tears, money, money, money into our beautiful home, and we figured we should actually share some of our successes (and terrible failures) with others.

So here it goes! As with all Lenten journeys, I begin with a plea of accountability (especially from our family across the country). We want to put a consistent effort into sharing our lives with others, and I’m praying this will be our avenue for that!

Many blessings for you during this beautiful season of Lent! Here’s a happy face to make you smile 🙂


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