My incredibly giving husband :)

Ryan is an engineer, which means by nature he is an incredible problem solver. So when I went to him last week in tears about how exhausted I was with watching Leo alone while our house was being torn to shreds, he decided to figure out a way to fix the problem:


Welcome to Cripple Creek, Colorado! 🙂 My husband is working at the gold mine here for the week, but he figured I wanted a little bit of time to get away and refresh. So after a very generous father-in-law came to watch my little boy, Ryan found a cute bed and breakfast for me to stay just for two nights to get some extra sleep and catch up on some reading, praying, and blogging. BEST HUSBAND EVER. Let’s take a look at some of the views from my room:






Notice the change in clouds throughout the day, we had a small storm and it was beautiful 🙂

So grateful for the best husband in the world, it was so relaxing and prepared me perfectly for coming home to a sick baby 😦

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