Makeover Monday: the Evolution of a Room

Hello everyone, happy week to you! 🙂 In the midst of some craziness in our lives (more on that later), we haven’t been very interested in major home makeovers. But as I was looking through some pictures of our home over the past 4 years, i had one of those moments that many women my age have: I am becoming my mother.

Now I have a really really, REALLY wonderful mom, the kind of mom that other friends would tell me “you are so lucky, your mom is awesome.” And I knew it, throughout my childhood I knew I was blessed with a really beautiful, smart, funny and kind mom. But today’s realization actually came after I was (yet again) rearranging furniture in my home.  Growing up, we would joke that it would be a shock to come home and NOT have something changed or rearranged. Mom always seemed to be doing something to our home: a new rug here, new paint there, rearrange a few things, etc. And frankly I always thought it was a little strange.

Until I had my own home. And now I CAN’T STOP. Now, to be fair, I’ve heard it’s actually healthy for your brain (see step 4). But I’ve discovered when you care for a home, when you desire for your home to be beautiful place of welcome, you often change your mind about what that “welcome” looks like. Take, for example, the evolution of my living room.

When I first met Ryan (and eventually married him) it looked like this:


Which then became this:



( I was so excited to paint!)

Which then morphed into this…



And has now settled on this…



And that’s just ONE room! You can imagine my poor husband’s thoughts every time he walks into our house…just anticipating what I changed that day.

Many blessings to you! 🙂

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