Happy Faces (Friday) Saturday!

I had every intention of posting some pictures yesterday, but the day week got ahead of me, so sorry! I hope to write more on that this evening, but let’s just look at some sweet pictures of my little one for now 🙂

So this is Leo with his new haircut. Image

About three months ago Leo began HATING haircuts, which was such a huge turnaround from his first few haircuts which he loved. Sat perfectly still, our little angel…turned into mega-screaming beast come the new year. So I began cutting his hair at home. Upon first glance it didn’t look that bad, until we went outside…

ImageAnd Leo had on his cute, static-friendly hat. So we come inside and the back of his head looks like this: 



Yikes!! Needless to say it will be fixed very soon 🙂 Oh well, no bad hair day will stop my boys from squirrel patrol!

ImageHave a wonderful weekend everyone! 🙂 Blessings to you!



3 thoughts on “Happy Faces (Friday) Saturday!

  1. Grandpa meant it doesn’t change the fact that Leo is one awesome dude. Newman and Leo are quite a pair looking out the window- so cute! Your house looks great on the listing (and of course in real life too)! Love, Grandma M.

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