Some exciting updates :)

So sorry we’ve dropped the ball on posting this week, we’ve had some things going on!

We’ve put an offer in on a new house!! wahoooooo!!!!

It’s a wonderful home, older like our current one (which we like), move-in ready but with some updating (there is a LOT of wallpaper and a LOT of pink tile in the bathrooms!) We’re so excited for this next part of our journey, but all of this of course comes with some reservation. Things simply are not finalized yet, which is why I don’t want to post any interior pictures until we’ve signed the papers. Ryan keeps reassuring me that things will be fine, we’ve done everything we can and we’re going to be just fine, but this little voice in my heart keeps bringing worries and fears to the surface.

“What if our inspection stinks?”

“What if our buyer backs out at the last minute?”

“What if the roof collapses at our new place?”

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered this past week, it’s that fear is EXHAUSTING. Seriously, like “can’t sleep at night” kind of exhausting. I wish I could just fast forward to the signing date so I KNOW everything will be ok, but alas, God works in the present.  What a beautiful reminder from our Lord that fear is always from the evil one. Trust, faithfulness, and willingness to work (suffer if need be) come from Jesus, and it’s there that I am pleading with God for my heart to rest. We shall see :).

In other news, our son continues to be awesome. Here are some cute moments from the past week that I keep forgetting to post.


So this is what happens when our sweet son hears the word “crate” (meaning his dog brother did something wrong and has to go in his cage.) Unfortunately, Leo always seems to beat Newman to the crate, completely ruining my “seriously, you’re in trouble this time, Newman” attempt at discipline.


And THIS is what happens when Mommy is running late for bedtime reading…little man gets started without me 🙂


And THIS is what happens when God, in an attempt to remind me yet again of his continued presence in our lives, convinces my son to eat his cheese in the pattern of a CROSS. Not kidding, this is how Leo ate his cheese that day, then just left it on the table. Crazy fun, i should sell it on ebay.

And of course, the greatest day of all: EASTER!! So much joy on that day this year…not only are we basking in the joy of our Risen Lord, but it was late Saturday we found out we had won a multiple bid war on our new home. So incredibly wonderful; God is so faithful! So to close, here are some shots from our beautiful Easter Sunday, including an evening get together with some dear friends. He is RISEN!!!



ImageImageImage(ball, ball! I see a ball!!)


(this is where you shout “HE IS RISEN INDEED!!”)

blessings friends 🙂

One thought on “Some exciting updates :)

  1. Grandpa M says what a handsome grandson and a beautiful family, but I’m a little bias. Love you guys and congrats on the new (old) house.

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