Happy Faces Friday! :)

We’ve been a bit lazy with our posts this week, and probably for the next couple of weeks to be honest, as the craziness of moving continues to dominate our lives. I think we’ve had a different worker, inspector, Realtor, etc almost every day the past two weeks; our poor dog is exhausted from all of the barking 🙂 

Today I officially started packing things into boxes, starting with all of our homes “knick knacks,” which basically means anything I thought would be cute at the time for decor in our home but now I’m scratching my head wondering “why did I buy these again?”

Take, for example, these lovely (fake) grass things from IKEA:



Yeck. Then there’s the random items that I usually just place on a shelf because I’m not sure what else to do with them. Like this little man, for example:


Yep, that’s a Rockies Nome with a snowboard. (A precious gift from Uncle Eric, we will probably own this for our entire lives). 🙂 

And with all those random things put together, THIS is what my kitchen table looked like today:



Oy. I have a feeling this will be a theme of our move: just when you think you don’t own a lot of things (clothes, shoes, books, or just random knick knacks), you are faced with a HARSH REALITY. 

Oh well. We’re just so excited about the next step that it’s hard to complain. I mean, come on, look at this beautiful place we get to call home:



So excited!!! 🙂 

And, of course, for your viewing pleasure some cutie pictures of our little man. 



Leo LOVES his bike!! 🙂 



Leo ALWAYS wants to wear his fleece hat, even when its 60 degrees outside. I probably should find him a summer hat??



Leo helping daddy cut the grass, one of his FAVORITE things to do 🙂



Leo and mommy, I am shocked this picture turned out so nice! 🙂 

Many blessings!!!


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