Our New Home :)


Well, it’s official! For the first time in my life (second time in Ryan’s) I own a home! 🙂 What an incredibly wonderful and humbling feeling! 

There is so much to share about our journey to get to this point, but frankly I am just pooped. So I figured I would just use this post to show you some of the interior of our home. 

The house was exactly what we wanted: older home with good bones, newer “safety” features (like roof and furnace) but with enough “outdated” items that we could make it over with our special touches (something I am VERY excited to get started!) The best part, of course, is our new home is only about 15 minutes away from Ryan’s work (about 10 with no traffic) and it’s close to a great bike trail so Ryan could even bike to work if he wanted. We can’t tell you how much it means to us to have more time together as a family. Breakfast is now our favorite part of the day because Ryan gets to have it with us…horray! 

So here it goes! We are so crazy about our home, and can’t wait to makeover each little inch with our special touches. 



The kitchen was recently finished which is WONDERFUL…as much as Ryan and I love a good DIY project, kitchens are a pain in the neck. We were thrilled when we saw this one had been updated. There are a couple of things we might add later on, like a new backsplash and new appliances, but for now it is just perfect. And those cabinets…I mean wow! Check out that storage! 

Dining Room:


The Dining Room was in good shape, minus the wallpaper mural on the far wall. Lots of 70s flare up in that mural.

Family Room:



I am SO excited about our family room. This is the first room I plan to paint and make “ours,” primarily because I am so stinkin excited about having a fireplace I just want to be in this room all the time (even if it is May!) 

Guest Room:


Helloooooo green shag carpet and pink curtains. You will make the guests in our home very happy :). 

Guest Room 2: 


So funny thing…look at how beautiful those wood floors are! Apparently it was code in the 1960s that wood floors were the primary floor built into the home…most people just covered them up in the 70s and 80s. What’s funny is some of the rooms in the house still had carpet, while others had wood floors. And I’m not entirely sure why certain rooms kept the carpet (you all saw the green shag, right?) but we’re not complaining. (In fact, we had a super fun carpet pulling party the night before we moved in. More on that later!)

But the best thing about this guest bedroom is the DECK ATTACHED! Check out the view:


lalala I can hear the birds singing 🙂 And here’s a view of our backyard from the deck (I am going to do an entirely separate post on our backyard, but here’s a little taste)



Master Bedroom:


hehe, our bedroom makes me smile. It is of course incredibly outdated, but there is a small part of me that thinks it’s still rather cute, purple-striped wallpaper and all. 🙂 At least it has an ensuite bathroom:



Guest Bathroom:



Everyone who knows me knows I love the color pink…except when it shows up on 80s bathroom tiles.




Helloooooo to the basement. Complete with wood panelling and linoleum tile. The space is awesome, but it screams “please, help me!” Oh, and what would a basement be without revolutionary war wallpaper in the stairwell?


Frankly, it is the perfect home for us. We know it will be work, but we also know (based on our previous home-owning experience) that it will be worth it. We also feel so blessed to own two homes from owners who took such great care of their houses. Our first home was incredibly well-cared for, and the owners lived there for almost 50 years. Our new house was sold to us by the original owner (the only one left on the block!) and was also incredibly well maintained. We are so grateful, and we only hope to care for these homes as well as they did.

There is so much more I want to say, but it’s getting late and I am pooped! I will be posting in the coming week on our beautiful backyard, the moving and closing process, etc, so I’ll leave you with a preview of a very happy picture of our closing day! Many blessings! 🙂 


PS: if you could offer up a prayer for my mom and dad…dad just had knee replacement surgery today..he did great but it will be a long recovery for both him and my mom. Prayers would be greatly appreciated :). 


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