Humility in the Home (Selling) Process

What a journey it has been! 

Ryan and I have been reflecting that it’s been almost one year exactly since we started thinking about moving…and a little over 6 months since we became determined to follow through with this ambition. The process involved many many nights of blood, sweat, tears, tears, tears…money…tears…but in the end, we were so incredibly proud of the home we were putting on the market. 



Initially, we had decided to put the home on the market when Ryan would return home Holy Saturday from a trip. But call it the pride in me, I became utterly convinced we could put the home on the market a week BEFORE we had initially thought. This way, we reasoned, we could have a week of traffic, and possibly entertain offers after two weeks or so when Ryan returned home. Little did we know we would get an offer after only 2 showings and 24 hours on the market. Full asking price, no seller concessions, and a sweet letter about the buyer and her family. “Well, that was easy!” we exclaimed.

The next part of the journey was the home buying process. We’ve already discussed part of this in length, but all in all it went incredibly smoothly. No major issues in inspection, house in great shape and completely vacant, and a smooth transition on signing day. (Here are some cute pictures to commemorate the buying of our new home!)


Leo being super cute (and GOOD!) during our signing, it was such a great gift from the Lord 🙂Image


Leo wants to sign too!Image

One big happy family 🙂 

You see? Now THAT’S what a home buying/selling process is supposed to look like…lots of happiness, lots of love, just check out this first picture of Ryan and me in our new home: 



So much happiness…we even had some wonderful friends come over that night to help us pull up some carpet:


And of course, Grandpa and Grandma Miles came out to celebrate with us and help with the move! 


Leo’s favorite new game, chasing grandma with the giant spool!

So all seemed well with life…Ryan left for a work trip to Brazil three days after we moved in, but I felt confident in getting the home unpacked and closing on the old house. That is, until, the appraisal…

Oh appraisals, there is so much I could say, but I won’t, because it wont be charitable (and I can’t guarantee it would be language appropriate either). Let me just say this: we ended up selling the home for much less then we had originally put it on the market for. As life would go, we happened to get an appraisal that was at best a bit incompetent, and even though we hired an independent desk review with plenty of contentions for our case, the buyer’s lender (and the appraisal company) wouldn’t budge. While we toyed with putting the home back on the market, we knew that there were no guarentees the second-time around, and the house was no longer “staged,” so it didn’t have as great of a chance of selling well.

All of this to say, of course, that the home selling process was MUCH MORE STRESSFUL then we could have imagined. Lots of stress and tears on my part, lots of anger and resentment on Ryan’s (and who could blame him? This was, after all, his first home!)

But through it all, God is so incredibly faithful. I found myself each day having more and more peace about the whole situation. I didn’t feel anger towards the appraiser or resentment towards the buyer: all I could feel was gratitude. Gratitude that we had a beautiful new home which we absolutely loved. Gratitude for healthy family and an incredibly flexible son (he was such a champ through all of this!) And gratitude that it was ALL OVER. 

The hardest part about this process (or any process, I would assume, that involves a big life change) is staying in the present. it was so hard not to live in the “what-ifs,” or to constantly play out scenarios in my mind about what could happen. It was months of this, and frankly, I am exhausted, not simply from the physical strain of the move but the emotional toll of not being able to let go in this moment. That’s not to say God didn’t try to insist on this in my heart, begging…PLEADING with me to remain with him and simply trust, but I couldn’t (or I wouldn’t). I became so convinced that if I simply played out every bad possibility, I would be ready for anything.

Seriously, does this ever work? No, of course not, because God is eternally present, and it’s there (in THIS MOMENT) that he calls to us, draws us to Him, begs us simply to breathe

And so that’s my hope for this next journey in our lives…to simply rest in his love. To trust that He will provide (he always does!) and frankly to train my brain again to live in the here and now. It is a process…but a beautiful(ly painful) one :). 

To close, here are some pictures of our wonderful Mother’s Day. Church and picnic in the park: God is so incredibly Good :).





Many blessings!

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