What a Happy Father’s Day!

We had such an incredibly wonderful weekend…I keep smiling whenever I think about it. Our sweet husband/daddy Ryan not only celebrated Father’s Day, but this was also his birthday weekend celebrating the big 2-9! To mark the occasion, we had a party Saturday night with friends of Ryan’s throughout the years, including co-workers, college friends, and families in our Catholic community. It was such a fun and joyful night that I completely forgot to snap any pictures marking the occasion! Mea culpa…

What I DID get pictures of, however, was my birthday/Father’s Day present to Ryan:



Yep, that’s a Rockies Game! 🙂

Ryan had been begging me to take the family to a game this season, but I kept feeling uneasy about it. The thought of our very very movable toddler sitting still in the sun for 3+ hours didn’t sound appealing to me. Not to mention, this technically wasn’t Leo’s first Rockies game. Many of you remember that I lost the “due date” bet when Leo was first born, which meant at the ripe ol’ age of three weeks we took our sweet boy to what ended up being a terrible Rockies loss and a day of anxiety and panic over every little thing that could go wrong (ok, so the anxiety was on my end). 

But after some talking it over, and some unfortunate cancellations on our Omaha summer trip (which would have included a game to the College World Series), I surprised Ryan with tickets for a Father’s Day Rockies game, and IT WAS PERFECT.

First, Leo got to ride on his first train:



When we got on the train, it was slightly raining, but soon the clouds cleared and we were blessed to be in the shade for most of the game:





Daddy was so excited to be at the game with his family!



(by the way, his shirt says “This is what a cool dad looks like!” Thanks uncle Eric!)

And by the way, Leo was AMAZING. My mom called it…right before the game I was telling her about my nerves, and she said “Julianne, Leo might be a mover, but he’s also an OBSERVER.” 

And she was right. For 5 straight innings he just sat in my lap or Ryan’s and DIDN’T MOVE. It was incredible. Every now and then he would clap or cheer, but he was so fascinated he just sat and took it all in. It was incredible! When we went to get food, he watched some of the game from the Club vending area and FINALLY started to cheer and get excited, (we think he finally caught on to what was happening). What a beautiful day it was.




Such a blessed weekend for such an amazing man! We love you Ryan! 🙂 

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