Summer updates Part I

Welp, it’s been an entire summer with absolutely no updates…whoops! I could give all of the reasons why I chose laziness this summer over consistency, but that doesn’t seem necessary. Instead, everyday for the next week or so I will post something that we did this summer to show you just how off the hook I am for not writing a thing 🙂


Let’s start with right after our last post, late June.

…..My mom came to visit!!!!!!!!!!


It was wonderful having mom with me for a couple of days. Originally, Ryan wasn’t supposed to be in town, but with some work changes he also got to visit with my mom which was wonderful.


Unfortunately, if there’s one thing you’re discover about this past summer, it’s that i was TERRIBLE at taking pictures. These two of mom and Leo are the only ones I took, and they were with my phone so I’m not convinced about their quality (even though it is a new phone, which by the way I still don’t really understand how to use).


So here you go! Summer part one! 🙂 

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