Summer Fun Part II

Probably one of the most wonderful parts to our summer was spending some time back in the great state of Virginia. Not only did we get two weeks with my parents, but we also got to meet my handsome new nephew for the first time. 



I mean really, how cute are these boys?? Little Holden is a miniature Papa Dom, with the cutest, chunkiest thighs I’ve ever seen. And James and Leo adored each other, they got along so well it was wonderful. Both my sister-in-law and I commented on how nice it was to not have to worry about them arguing or anything like that, they both were just so sweet to each other it was great.


And here’s proof of how well Leo and James did…BFFs in the making.


Leo of course couldn’t go two weeks without playing with Mom-mom’s phone. 




And besides the fun cousin fun, Mom-mom and Papa Dom took us to another baseball game! It was just wonderful, Leo was so good and just thrilled.


These were the only pictures I had that weren’t on my phone…and unfortunately I had to get a new phone after a certain toddler dropped mine and cracked the screen. Ryan and I are working on transferring the pictures 🙂

Speaking of my Ryan, today’s our three year anniversary 🙂 



I’m so blessed to be married to the best man in the whole world. He’s an amazing father, loving husband, and the best best friend a girl could ask for. I love you my sweet Ryan! 🙂 


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