Summer Fun Part…I forget

Sorry, folks! I keep forgetting about this blogging thing. And the unfortunate part is I have absolutely no excuse. The weather is chilly, rainy, and PERFECT for writing. But instead most of Leo’s nap times are filled with reading OTHER people’s blogs and scratching my head “why can’t I be more consistent at writing in that thing?” HA. Oh well. On to the summer updates! 🙂 

Visit to Omaha

We were fortunate enough to visit Ryan’s family in Omaha during Labor Day weekend. This visit was especially significant because most of Ryan’s mom’s side were able to make it into town for a little mini-Family Reunion. It was wonderful. Most of the family Leo and I had never met before, so it was fun getting to know a little bit more about my Ryan :). 



Leo got to go to the zoo! Look at how excited he is 🙂 



This is, unfortunately, the only picture I took of Leo and his grandparents during our visit. Ugh, I know, I stink. I am so terrible about snapping shots with my camera. But it was a fun time nonetheless.


Leo looking at monkeys…or as he calls them “GEORGE! LOTS N LOTS OF GEORGE!!” *Curious George for those of you who don’t speak toddler.



I cannot believe Leo wore his hat as long as he did. About six weeks ago, wearing hats was akin to kidney removal with no pain killers for this child. But we’ve discovered if you convince him that DADDY DOES THE SAME THING Leo will do it. I couldn’t get him to change into another pair of shoes until I said “they’ll make you JUST LIKE DADDA.” Now it’s all he wears :).



Leo got to ride the train around the Omaha zoo, which was really fun except it was an actual steam engine and therefore INCREDIBLY LOUD. By the first little stop Leo was ready to peace out.



Here’s a picture of (almost) the entire crew from the weekend, minus a few golfing guys (including Ryan and Grandpa). What a blessing it was to be with such a sweet family!


Ok, I just had to put this in the post. It’s from the first Broncos game of the season and Leo was so so so incredibly excited. 🙂 And again, proof that he LOVES imitating his daddy.

That’s about it, folks 🙂 More exciting Miles updates to come this weekend!

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