Summer Fun Part V

A Day Out with Thomas

So it happened…my son has become obsessed with trains. And cars. And construction equipment. And pretty much anything that has wheels. 

So it was a no-brainer when Ryan and I found out that an actual train replica of Thomas the Train was coming to the Colorado Railroad Museum. We bought our tickets and were off for what I can only describe as a convention of little boys 4 and under.


It’s Thomas! 





Leo couldn’t believe this luck, it was magical :).





I have to admit, trains have never been my thing, but this museum was really neat. It had a HUGE model train city both inside and outside. 



It was just wonderful 🙂 The weather was perfect, and Leo only had one tiny episode (to be fair, it was right when we got there and he saw Thomas. We had to wait in line before we got to ride him and Leo was NOT pleased with the waiting). 

Our little guy is more obsessed with trains than ever before, and i love it. It’s so much fun watching him shout “choo choooo!” around the house chasing his little trains. Love little boys 🙂 

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