Did we forget to mention this?



Yep, that’s a baby inside of me! 🙂 

In fact, we’re in our third trimester officially tomorrow. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m humongous. i’m almost to the weight I gained with Leo and I still have a good twelve weeks ahead…should be interesting :). But, then again, this whole pregnancy has been kind of interesting.

Part of the reason we haven’t been as forthcoming about this pregnancy online is due to some early complications and, frankly, just pure forgetfulness.  

After about six months of trying to get pregnant, I had a feeling that something was different from my previous pregnancy with Leo. About two weeks after we moved into our new home, I was at the gym when my stomach started to feel funny. As I walked toward the water fountain, I could smell some guy’s powdery drink from about 20 feet away. Let’s just say Leo and I headed straight for the drug store after that, only to discover the happy surprise of another baby :). Ryan was coming back into town the next morning, so I made him a fun poster and had this big reveal planned as he walked into the door.

Unfortunately, the next morning I had terrible stomach cramps and even worse bleeding. I felt dizzy all day, and could barely stand I was in so much pain. Poor Ryan had to come home from a two week international trip to a weepy woman curled up on the floor. After a day of waiting it out, we went into the doctors.  He immediately gave me Progesterone injections which within a matter of minutes stopped the complications. After five attempts to draw blood (and many many tears on my part), the next visit we were told to there was a very high chance of a miscarriage within a matter of days (an “impending miscarriage”) due to low numbers.  We were given documents on grief support and how to baptize miscarried babies. We were devastated.

And then something wonderful happened. We prayed. a LOT. We called in friends and family, whom we had kept in the dark until that point, and asked them to pray too. We continued believing there was an actual human being in my stomach and that little person had this great purpose for his/her life.  We told Leo he would be a big brother and our friends about our due date. We lived in a state of complete hope.

Days went by, and each blood test looked better and better.  We continued with the Progesterone injections *four times a week!* but other than that, this has been an incredibly easy pregnancy. No morning sickness like I had with Leo, very little heartburn, and absolutely no swelling.

*If you recall, my feet with Leo looked like this:


(I promise those are not the feet of a hobbit)

I am convinced the entire experience was used by the Lord to 1. remind me of the remarkable power of prayer and 2. insist that i live in a present state of HOPE.  As it turns out, we are graced with a new baby boy to arrive mid-January, whom we have decided to name Samuel Augustine. (his initials will be SAM, HA!) The name came in a moment of prayer as well, as I was reflecting on the fact that it was Hannah’s prayers that led to the arrival of her beautiful boy, much like our prayers helped sustain the life of our sweet Sam as well. 

It’s been an incredible journey but we would love some more prayers. Everything looks healthy, but low progesterone could lead to pre-term labor, which we are desperately not wanting. And just prayers for our family in general, as we embark on this new season of our lives. We are excited and hopeful 🙂


Many blessings!!

PS: Oh, and just for fun, because he’s so great 🙂


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