Makeover Monday: a Playroom for the Boys

When we bought our new home a little over seven months ago now, I was thrilled to find a basement area.  It’s a smaller home, but the basement would be a wonderful extra space that we needed for Leo and his never-ending supply of toy trains *kid is obsessed*. The problem, of course, was that it wasn’t a space Leo (or any of us) actually wanted to go into, primarily because it looked like this: 



Yep, that’s a whole lotta ugly. It was cold, dark, and frankly just not very “playroom” like. So after some convincing, Ryan said it was ok to get some new carpet and paint. And now we are happy to report it looks like this:







We are so happy with it, especially Leo. It’s the only room with carpet in the whole house, so when he’s not building trains he basically just rolls all over the place. Our only dilemma right now is the foozball table. It’s a nice feature (especially for when the kiddos get older) but it currently causes many a bruises and black eyes for our Leo. We’re working on it 🙂 

Blessings dear friends! 🙂 

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